Hello, I am Bumba
and this is my website.

I'm learning some IT stuff
Nothing to be proud off, but still.

Currently my favourite operating system is Debian, because I'm mainly using Linux on my VPS.

I'm working as a technical support in a Web Company. Nothing special, but We are going forward with developing our services to give our customers best quality, price and technical support.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a professional programmer, web designer or anything like that... Atleast for now.

I'm developing my skills by creating simple websites like this one, using a template and then editing it. It is always a good exercise and it works better, than just reading tutorials and doing nothing. Atleast for me.

Some websites, that may interest you:

Websites shown below are not mine.
These are just some websites that i like and visit more often than others and may also interest you.

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Enter at your own risk.

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Basically a list of an anime, that i've watched or i'm going to watch

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Some companies that i respect.

I live in the United Kingdom

But I'm not even english.

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